Portraits in Ouadane

الزائر لمدينة وادان، فوق ما سيكتشفه من حضارة تاريخية قائمة الشواهد، سيلتقط للوهلة الأولى إحساسًا خاصًا بالانتماء لهذا المكان الجميل، المسكون بالإبهار والوقارفي هذا المكان سيكون أهم لحظة لدى الزائر أن يوثق -ولو جزء من الثانية- صورا تذكارية، يشاطرها العائلة والأصدقاء، وتدرج ضمن رزنامته التاريخية، لمروره بشارع الأربعين عالما، أو وقفه بوكيه وعلى البئر المحصنة،... Continue Reading →

Women’s Bootcamp 2019

The Women’s Bootcamp program is part of this year’s Mauritania Innovation Challenge. The Women’s Bootcamp Provided the opportunity for more than 60 local women and girls to receive capacity training across communication, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership, developing a business plan, and finance during seven days. Seven participants were selected to join the Mauritania Innovation Challenge, with... Continue Reading →


Some of my best pictures during the last FFRIMAWARDS The Mauritanian Football Federation Annual Awards event

Graduates in Nouakchott

I've been lucky to picture different graduation ceremonies this year from ISCAE to English Department to Logistics Class from IUP .I wanted to share some of my pictures with you

Wikistage’s international ambassador

I got my Mathematics Baccalaureate from (Lycee de Garcon) high school, and after enrolling in the Faculty of Medicine in Dakar, I decided to take part in the exam of Nouakchtt's Polytechnic School. As we were the first class or generation of the school, part of my studies was at Polytechnic Military School of Algeria... Continue Reading →

Meeting With The Mayor of L’Ksar

Dr. Mohamed Saleck Oumar stands out as one of the brightest Mauritanian young men!  He succeeded in both the political and the academic domains. Today, Dr. Mohamed Saleck is a professor of English at several universities and, the mayor of the municipality of Ksar, the most important municipality in Nouakchott.  We’ve had the pleasure to... Continue Reading →

Meeting a Real Mauritanian Feminist

My name is Malika, a human who gather all the contradictions of the universe. I believe in equality, even though I grew up in a society where discrimination is part of its religious and social culture. My entourage considers me a feminist, maybe I’m a feminist. I can not be sure enough, I can’t be... Continue Reading →

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