Meeting a Real Mauritanian Feminist

My name is Malika, a human who gather all the contradictions of the universe. I believe in equality, even though I grew up in a society where discrimination is part of its religious and social culture. My entourage considers me a feminist, maybe I’m a feminist. I can not be sure enough, I can’t be... Continue Reading →

An Eye On Daouda Corera

Daouda Corera (born 1986 , Mauritania) is a photographer based in Mauritania. He earned his degree in systems engineering and computer networks , then found his voice in photography in 2012 after winning a prize from Sahel Production for the best photography in Mauritania .His work has been exhibited at the Institut Français Mauritanie ,... Continue Reading →

We Call Him SIDO !!

Since childhood I was passionated about the audiovisual world .I started when i was 13 years old .Like every young amateur i was curious and my curiosity helped me to meet some interesting people that inspired me to have good visons and to be more creative in this field . I have progressed over time... Continue Reading →

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