The day football made Mauritania United

Mauritanian supporters celebrating the victoryMauritania qualified for an Africa Cup of Nations finals for the first time in their history  with a 2-1 win over Botswana in Nouakchott.

A very happy day for all Mauritanians , even not  football fans . After 58 years from independance , we never made it out there.But it’s now a dream come true. I had the chance and the honor to be part of the event to see how Football could make us feel   united.


I wanted to start with this man, I don’t even know what is his real name but when you tell me about Mauritanian football you must include Thiarthioura in your words  This man was specially touched by this victory. I remember watching games only because he was there to put some of his magic, dancing and making others dance with him. For me he was linked to Mauritanian football team ,he traveled with them .Created his own way to support and when I saw his tears I felt how amazing this beautiful game is all about. I hope to see him supporting in the African tournament.


Before six years Mauritanian team was ranked  as one of the weakest team in Africa This young Man came to the federation, he came with a dream and full of motivation with huge love for football and to his country Things were not easy but when you believe in yourself and love what you do, surely you will find the result you wanted .A savior, a revolutionary indeed he saved the federation from Clinical death. That day I was proud to be close enough to see how the love of Mauritania is deeply  inside his veins.


The president

The president’s assistance to the game was a huge motivation for players.I saw happiness in his eyes after the game.This is the second time he  assisted National qualification game, the first one was the CHAN qualification and Mauritania won against Senegal.

DSC_4323-2The Players

The history will remember them as legends.Great Nationalist and hard-working youngsters. They could manage the game with a lot of experience.Without forgetting that they were under a huge Pressure, but they did it and registered their names as the first Mauritanian players to play the CAN.IMG_0845-2IMG_0837

The photographers

After the victory goal I was not surprised to see my mates crying, tears of joy and happiness. After all, they will tell their children that they were here on the pitch in this historic day.

IMG_0794-2This is Mauritania we need, Happy, united and powerful


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