We Call Him SIDO !!

Since childhood I was passionated about the audiovisual world .I started when i was 13 years old .Like every young amateur i was curious and my curiosity helped me to meet some interesting people that inspired me to have good visons and to be more creative in this field .
I have progressed over time , get older and wiser . I started drawing my entourage and shared my work on social network pages.Through time my audience started increasing. I remember making and retouching pictures of my self .My pictures accumulated more than 600 likes on at that time this number of likes was huge!!
People were touched by the quality of pictures and retouches .in 2016 i received my first award.It was the MauriApp challenge Award with Leo_In_Mauritania’
Same year , i won my second award which was the Nouakchortfilm best video clip price.
I’m happy because i could make my passion a full time job. I always loved to be a part of the country development.
As a professional now i have to many ideas to increase the development of graphic designing for the near future in Mauritania .By training more young passionated people to be more helpful for the country .

Sidahmed Mohamed Yahya : Graphic Designer26994050_161254447843902_7979856659696162715_n

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