Wikistage’s international ambassador

I got my Mathematics Baccalaureate from (Lycee de Garcon) high school, and after enrolling in the Faculty of Medicine in Dakar, I decided to take part in the exam of Nouakchtt’s Polytechnic School. As we were the first class or generation of the school, part of my studies was at

Polytechnic Military School of Algeria and Mohammedia School of Engineers in Morocco, and my final study project was at the Chérifienne Office of Phosphate.

The richness and the dynamism of community life have always been my strong points: Associations, culture, art, business …

Knowing that Mauritania had three engineering schools, I decided to create an Association for Engineering Students in Mauritania to develop practical experience, leadership, sense of responsibility, creativity, respect for others and network building.

From my own experiences and contact with students in Mauritania, Algeria, and Morocco, it seems to me that the students who get the Baccalaureate have no idea what to expect after. That is why, we created an association called “Orientation Fair and Professional Integration (SOIP)” to help orient students by explaining the different domains available in the countries: Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Turkey, Malaysia …etc), organizing conferences, giving platforms , and distributing brochures.

WikiStage Paris Association is committed to the free flow of knowledge, a commitment that it puts into act through series of mini video conferences and a global network of knowledge dissemination.

I am commited to representing them in Mauritania to have (WikiStage ESP Nouakchott) and organize an annual event composed of a series of conferences with Mauritanians from different areas of expertise.

Fnally I am an “International Ambassador of WikiStage”.

Education is the most important aspect in any community.It is the foundation, the very foundation upon which our community will rest to build itself and rebuild by transmitting values ​​and principles to future generations.

Painfully if we look around us, we will notice that there are many relational gaps between us (non-respect of children, lack of Communication non-respect towards parents and educators in general).

King Solomon says: “teach the child according to the way he must follow and when he is old he will not turn away from it”

“Quality education is the best investment for our future”

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